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New Patients


I undertake a full initial assessment to establish the nature of your problems and to arrive at a diagnosis. I take into consideration psychological and social aspects as well as your physical health.

I am aware that each patient is an individual and your treatment plan needs to be carefully tailored. I take a holistic approach to alleviate distress.

I aim to help you to understand and feel better about your problems and to tackle them in a positive way. I hope to help you develop insight and to empower you to enjoy better health by acquiring techniques to better manage your mental health and reduce the risk of relapse.


Data Protection

Your details will be stored in a secure database. 

Your name and contact details will be shared with reception at the Nuffield hospital and your insurance provider unless you advise otherwise. Your name is shared with reception at 96, Harley Street.

Your clinical data is confidential and will only be divulged with your consent. Correspondence relating to your treatment will be shared with your GP with your permission.